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Letting Go

Letting Go
I have a great love for superheroes. Ever since Batman the animated series, Spider-Man, and X-Men aired on TV, I was hooked. I poured through my parents' comics before I even knew how to read one, puzzling over them like hieroglyphics, fascinated by the action-packed artwork. And back when I was told comics were junk food for my brain, I would still guiltily sneak over to my public library and read whatever they had on the shelf.

So it pains me to see what superheroes have become. Once, they were mostly the playground for the young man's imagination. Now, they seem to be a political tool, no, a weapon to be wielded in a cultural war. How many times will we read about some self-aggrandizing author who thinks that our favorite characters need to spout rhetoric that decries middle America or President Trump? An insidious ideology has infested popular culture, and I'm not simply referring to leftist politics. Nay, the pernicious perspective to which I refer is one …

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