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Daily Comics Digression #49: Spergeddon is Nigh, sigh...

Marvel just advertised that "Spidergeddon is nigh."

I can't.

*Deep Breath*

This is why no one takes comics seriously. They can't even take themselves seriously. No, I don't mean that superheroes need to fall down the dreary, vulgar pit that Alan Moore dug when he spearheaded the Dark Age of comics (though I would much rather give credit for that stylistic choice to Frank Miller). However, it is of critical importance that a storyteller treat his work with the appropriate weight that it is due. Throwing together silly things to create some ironic hyperbole is not EPIC, it's stupid, and anyone who really wants to read action fantasy is immediately going to look elsewhere. Marvel Comics has become the poster boy for self immolation. Marvel Comics used to walk a fine line between comedy and tragedy. You know those two theater masks, the ones that have one face crying and the other laughing? That's what Marvel used to be. The characters may have used quips an…

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